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The NGO-DARPAN is a platform that provides space for interface between VOs/NGOs and key Government Ministries / Departments /Government Bodies, to start with. Later it is proposed to cover all Central Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies.


This is a free facility offered by the NITI Aayog in association with National Informatics Centre to bring about greater partnership between government & voluntary sector and foster better transparency, efficiency and accountability.


Any VO / NGO which is registered as a trust/ society/ a private limited nonprofit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 can Sign Up on the NGO Darpan.





Who are eligible to get registration under NGO Darpan?

£NGOs (Non-Government Organizations).

£VOs (Voluntary Organizations).

£Charitable Society/Associations/Trust. 

£Section 8 Companies.

However, individual cannot register on the NGO Darpan Portal.




Benefits of NGO Darpan Registration

£ Helps NGOs and other volunteer organizations engage with government departments.

£ Further, obtaining a unique ID helps improve the credibility and trustworthiness of an NGO. 

£ Department and ministry websites coordinate with the NGO Darpan to share vital information. Once registered you will get timely updates of the same.

£ Enables seamless flow of data from the government to various NGOs around the country.

£ Updates and information on new schemes, projects, and the progress of earlier initiatives.

£ Further, departments use this platform to understand more about NGOs before considering their appeals.

£ Helps in the creation of a database or repository of information regarding VOs/NGOs.